PA Resident Electric and Hybrid Incentives

Learn More About the PA Tax Incentives for EV Drivers

When you purchase an electric vehicle there are many benefits attached. Besides the money-saving fuel economy you earn and lower maintenance expenses you receive, buyers will also find multiple tax incentives both at the federal and state levels. Since our Fred Beans Ford of Langhorne dealership is in Pennsylvania, we'll discuss the PA tax incentives for EV drivers.

Rebates for Pennsylvania Electric Vehicles

Whether you're driving around Yardley in a Ford F-150 Lightning, you're cruising through Morrisville in a Ford Mustang Mach-E, or you're using any of the many plug-in hybrid varieties available in the Ford lineup, you may qualify for a PA tax incentive rebate. These include:

  • FCEV Models (hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles) - $1,000 Rebate Amount
  • EV Models (electric vehicles) - $750 Rebate Amount
  • PHEV Models (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) - $500 Rebate Amount
  • CNG (compressed natural gas), Propane, and Electric Motorcycle Models - $500 Rebate Amount

If you meet the low-income requirement, you may also find an additional rebate of $1,000. All rebates are offered after six months of the vehicle purchase. If you are purchasing an EV for your business, you may earn more tax rebates as well.

Contact Fred Beans Ford of Langhorne to Learn More

If you have more questions about your electric vehicle benefits in PA, we encourage you to reach out to our Fred Beans Ford of Langhorne team. We'd love to help any of our Levittown, Bristol, or beyond drivers not only find the EV of their dreams, but also earn as much money back as possible. Contact us to learn more or stop by our Langhorne dealership at your next convenience.