Sixty years in the line of duty.

We introduced the first Ford police package in 1950. During the next six decades, our commitment to law enforcement agencies has been second to none. By working with the people who do the work, Ford has continued to evolve and improve these all-important tools of the trade. This approach led to our purpose-built philosophy that continues today.

The all-new Ford Police Interceptors will be built with what we call the Ford Police Interceptor DNA. Exceptional safety, legendary durability, commonality in vehicle platforms and an extensive nationwide dealer network are hallmarks of the Ford Police Interceptor. These traditions are carried on proudly in the all-new Police Interceptor models.

Safety Features

Both the Sedan and Utility have a host of features designed for officer protection. Rear-crash tested at 75 MPH, with Level III Ballistic Door Panels, and more air bags than any other cruiser out there, these vehicles are designed to protect the officer and their passengers above all else - without sacrificing comfort and convenience. See our video below for more safety information.

Performance and Durability

The bad guys can run from the Ford Police Interceptor. They won't get far, thanks to the available 365-horsepower 3.5L EcoBoost® engine, police-calibrated powertrain and police-tuned suspension paired with all-wheel drive - designed specifically for pursuit driving.

The Ford Police Interceptor can be summed up in two words: heavy duty - as in heavy-duty front suspension, heavy-duty braking system, heavy-duty cooling system, heavy-duty steel wheels and heavy-duty subframe. Other durability features include a 220-amp alternator, front-door tethers and an undercarriage deflector plate.


The interior of this vehicle is specifically built for two primary purposes - protecting you, and helping you do your job. The driver's seat is six-way power adjustable with lumbar support. The foam in both front seats is specially sculpted to accommodate your gear belt, making it easier to buckle the safety belt. The seat bottom side bolsters are specially cut to address frequent entering and exiting the cabin all day.

A column shifter allows an open center console space to accommodate police equipment. That open space is the same width as that of the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (CVPI), so police agencies can install center consoles from their CVPI right into the Police Interceptor.

A dual-purpose dome light illuminates in white or red. Red light enables officers to see what they're doing inside the cabin, without being clearly seen from outside the vehicle.

The rear console plate aids upfitting by interfacing with the front console plate as a wiring channel. It helps facilitate the installation of electronics equipment from the front console area to the rear of the vehicle.

Access to the second-row passenger area is eased by wide-opening rear doors on the sedan. The simplified door panels have no mapholders or cupholders. Unique hidden door lock plungers, accessible from the front-row door panel door jambs, are manually activated to enhance occupant containment in the second row. The rear bench seat features a space-maximizing design. Both the rear seat and the floor are covered in heavy-duty vinyl to ease cleaning.